What do we do all day?

Here’s what we do with ourselves all day (in case you were wondering):

If we’re not at home base we’re travelling, which obviously changes up our normal daily routine a bit. We’re both naturally backpacker-type travellers rather than hotel-types, so we’ve tried to keep that style as much as possible since Noga and Gideon joined the clan. We’ll usually be touring around a city by foot or going on hikes with a kid each strapped to our backs, trying to get into the local culture as much as possible.

We get as much sleep as we need almost every night now, unless one of the kids is not feeling well and having trouble sleeping. This usually means around 6.5 to 7.5 hours based on our Fitbit trackers.

We get a lot of exercise every day. We do all travel and errands under 10km by foot or bike. We do at least a couple sessions of exercise every day, which will be either cycling, running, yoga or strength exercises.

We’re always researching the best local hikes wherever we happen to be located. We go on longer hikes together during the day if the kids are in childcare, and shorter hikes if the kids are with us.

We’ve been getting into meditation over the last year. We try to get in at least 1 session a day, even if it’s short. Our current favourite resource is Sam Harris’s new app – Insight Timer.

We try to spend as much time as we can reading – whether it’s paperback books, at the library, Kindle eBooks or audiobooks. Hopefully we never run out of good books to read.

Since we left our corporate jobs we both started Masters degrees in areas of personal interest. For Avi that’s a Masters of Science in Astronomy and embedded systems programming, for Miranda it’s a Masters of Therapy specialising in Women’s Issues.

Miranda is the head chef of the household, and we spend a good amount of time each day preparing fresh, healthy food – the regulars include green smoothies, vegetable soups, wholegrain rice/pasta/quinoa etc, fresh fruits and home-brewed coffee every morning.

Being Social
We put a big emphasis on keeping time aside to be spent with family and friends. The kids have a play date or two a week, and we’re usually going to see friends or having them over at our place every few days. Having more time and mental space for this stuff was always one of the main things we looked forward to when we were working towards retirement.

We also spend a fair amount of time just relaxing and playing with the kids, watching a TV show, documentary or something entertaining on YouTube, listening to podcasts or music and enjoying a glass of wine.

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