We’re the OneWayFamily – currently composed of Avi, Miranda, Noga and Gideon.

We are a nomadic, adventure-seeking, health-nut, travel-loving family of world citizens. We view it as our duty to help more people, especially families, realise that it is possible to live differently. We think it’s a travesty how much time is wasted in the world every day with people stuck in a place in life that isn’t where they want to be. We’ll do everything we can to share our story and any tips we have with everyone.

If you’re after a bit more detail on each member of the One Way Family, read on. If you’re just wondering where we’re been, or looking for travel tips and other good stuff, go straight to the Home Page or the World Map and have a look around.

Family beach day in Noosa, Australia.



I’m Miranda – the Ima (mother in Hebrew) of the house!

I was born and raised in a suburb of Washington DC in Virginia, USA. I love all of the yuppy healthy vegan food that I can get, as well as running, yoga, meeting new people and discussing theories of life. I have had a passion for travel since University, when I spent months in Israel learning Hebrew then studied for six months in Rabat, Morocco learning Arabic, history, religion and politics. In that time I travelled to seven different countries and got my taste for discovering new cultures.

Avi and I actually met while we were both serving in the Israeli Army – we met in our last week of service (just in time!) and from then on we were inseparable.

Avi and I knew we were right together so quickly, in large part thanks to our shared values. We are open-minded. We believe in humanity and showing love and acceptance to everyone. We are health-conscious and believe that you literally are what you eat. We love life so much that we believe in sacrificing some unhealthy foods/drinks/habits to hopefully stick around a little bit longer. We both believe in continuous learning, considering new ideas, and challenging our beliefs.



I’m Avi – the Aba (Hebrew for Father) of the house.

I was born and raised in Australia, in both Melbourne and Queensland.

I’ve had an unquenchable love of travel since high school, when I took my first solo trips abroad at age 17 to New Zealand and Vietnam. Over the last decade or so I’ve continued with many more trips, and eventually developed a goal of travelling to and experiencing every country on Earth. I’ve so far reached 69 out of my goal of the 213 broadly recognised countries and autonomous territories in the world.

My ever-changing list of hobbies and interests includes travel (duh!), astronomy + space travel, cycling + bike repair, health, finance, technology, simplicity/minimalism/self-sufficiency, renewable energy, philosophy and seeking states of flow.


Hi, I’m Noga, the vivacious blonde chick in the family. I’m nearly four years old and I have been talking about my impending birthday for the past ten months (I can NOT wait!). I am an incredibly passionate person. I love to sing, I know about a hundred of songs by heart in both Hebrew and English. I dance like no one is watching all the time. I have quite the fiery and strong personality and although I can sometimes give my parents a hard time, they know that this awesome quality will serve me well in life! I am independent and deeply caring. I’ve also been told that I’m quite charming 🙂


Hi, I’m Gideon, the curly-haired doe-eyed baby of the family. I turned two in April. I’m spunky, athletic, tough, and embarrassingly lovable. Apparently I’m a real jokester too – I’m always cracking people up by playing pranks, and I’ve been told that my laugh is contagious (big word!). I have big brown eyes, a huge curly afro, and lots of adults like to squeeze my cheeks. I adore my big sister and I’d follow her anywhere! We love to explore. 🙂


Hi, I’m Gabriel…

Stopping for a pic during a hike with friends in The Grampians, Australia.

What type of travellers are we?

We’re the rough it, living-in-a-small-campervan-with-2-kids-and-a-dog, backpacking, couch-surfing, strap-toddlers-on-your-back-and-trek-10km travellers. We also love spontaneous travel – because life is short and our most memorable experiences are from wrong-turns and totally off-the-cuff decisions made on the road.

If you really want to go somewhere, see some place, then WHAT are you waiting for? Because of all the things in the world, the one thing you can not control in any way is the passage of time. Time will pass whether you like it or not, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

We are teaching our children to live. To go. To do. To be unapologetic in their curiosity, in their natural sense of adventure. To learn to manage sometimes with situations that are uncomfortable. To be thrilled to eat lunch on the grass and to not need a hotel resort to consider a holiday “nice”. What is travel without seeing the real life and people of the place?

Hiking near St Arnaud, New Zealand.

If you want to get in touch please do so at: theonewayfamily@gmail.com