Avi’s Quest

World Map - Avi

Here's the full list of countries/territories I've been to so far on my quest to travel to every corner of the Earth:

Albania - Republic of Albania
Andorra - Principality of Andorra
Argentina – Argentine Republic
Armenia - Republic of Armenia
Australia - Commonwealth of Australia
Austria - Republic of Austria
Azerbaijan - Republic of Azerbaijan
Belarus - Republic of Belarus
Belgium - Kingdom of Belgium
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brazil - Federative Republic of Brazil
Bulgaria - Republic of Bulgaria
Burundi - Republic of Burundi
Chile - Republic of Chile
China - People's Republic of China (incl. Hong Kong)
Costa Rica - Republic of Costa Rica
Croatia - Republic of Croatia
Czech Republic
Denmark - Kingdom of Denmark
El Salvador - Republic of El Salvador
Estonia - Republic of Estonia
Finland - Republic of Finland
France - French Republic
Germany - Federal Republic of Germany
Guatemala - Republic of Guatemala
Honduras - Republic of Honduras
Israel - State of Israel
Italy - Italian Republic
Kenya - Republic of Kenya
Kosovo - Republic of Kosovo
Latvia - Republic of Latvia
Liechtenstein - Principality of Liechtenstein
Lithuania - Republic of Lithuania
Luxembourg - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Macedonia - Republic of Macedonia
Netherlands - Kingdom of the Netherlands
New Zealand
Nicaragua - Republic of Nicaragua
Northern Ireland
Norway - Kingdom of Norway
Palestine - State of Palestine
Panama - Republic of Panama
Poland - Republic of Poland
Russia - Russian Federation
Rwanda - Republic of Rwanda
Serbia - Republic of Serbia
Singapore - Republic of Singapore
Slovakia - Slovak Republic
Slovenia - Republic of Slovenia
Spain - Kingdom of Spain
Sweden - Kingdom of Sweden
Switzerland - Swiss Confederation
Tanzania - United Republic of Tanzania
Thailand - Kingdom of Thailand
Uganda - Republic of Uganda
United Kingdom - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States - United States of America
Vatican City - Vatican City State
Vietnam - Socialist Republic of Vietnam